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Dermatology department is known for its excellent services in the clinical, academic and therapeutic fields. Children, adults and elderly of both genders are taken care of for all skin, nail and hair diseases. We also deal with cosmetic problems and skin diseases related to environmental and industrial ill-effects. Diagnostic procedures e.g. skin biopsy, specimen collection for bacterial, fungal & viral infections for further laboratory tests are also a responsibility of this department. The department also offers telemedicine services to patients in remote areas. Facilities to remove moles, cysts and warts are available. We look forward to extend our services further in the field of Laser therapy.

Services We Provides

  • Superficid Skin Biopsy
  • Punch Biopsy
  • Use of liquid Nitrogen for treatment of skin disorders
  • Carette and cautery for large variety of skin problems
  • Hyfre Cator

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