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We are Brivona with 25 Years of Experience!


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Much above the equipment, technology, design and structure of our facility, our main strength is our staff. We endeavor to handpick “Simply the best”.


The Orthopedic department at IIHRC Hospital has the combination of highly experienced and skilled surgeons along with world to treat bone and spine related disorders.


The Urology department at IIHRC Hospital provides clinical services and innovative treatment strategies related to surgical and medical diseases of the male and female.


The Cardiology department at IIHRC Hospital represents one of the largest, most modern and state-of-the-art cardiac care facilities that is made affordable and available to all.


The ENT department at IIHRC Hospital deals with diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat, and medical and surgical options to treat the same.


The neurosurgery department at IIHRC Hospital brings together world-class surgical treatments to cure several disorders of the brain, the spinal cord and the peripheral nerves.


Gastroenterology is a medical specialty dealing with the study of the digestive system and its disorders. The Gastroenterology department at IIHRC Hospital aims at resolving the same.

Psychiatric Medicine & Psychotherapy

Medical specialty dedicated to the study and treatment of mental disorders. IIHRC Hospital’s Psychiatric Medicine & Psychotherapy department deals


Dermatology department at IIHRC is a place where the advanced science and medical technologies of skincare merge with the expertise of our skin specialists.

General Laproscopic Surgery

IIHRC Hospital has a full-fledged surgical unit providing all aspects of open and laparoscopic surgical care, all under one roof, using ultra-modern systems.


Radiology department utilizes various imaging techniques to guide percutaneous minimally invasive procedures


IIHRC Hospital has a full-fledged and dedicated Women’s Health Unit catering to all the healthcare needs of women, thus offering a healthy life to every woman.


The Pediatrics department at Islamabad International Hospital and Research Centre deals with the medical care

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The doctors and nurses and aides were excellent. The food was excellent. I am feeling fine and very lucky, back to my old self again and it feels great. Thank God for clinics such as yours. I appreciate all your kindness and good care you gave me is beyond my expectations they wonder for me.

Raymon Myers

Prior to my stay at Brivona, I was aware of their stellar reputation and multiple friends commented about how lucky I was to have my surgery scheduled there. As a result my expectations were high and yet the kind and professional staff with excellent patient care surpassed them.

Ashley Foster

Great co workers, really good environment and excellent patient care. They are continuously innovating themselves which is why they remain a premier dental clinic.This was the cleanest medical establishment I've ever been in. They just loved the welcoming and warm atmosphere in there.

Alan Sears


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