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IIHRC Kidney Transplant program is Pakistan’s leading transplant program that provides state of the art services and facilities to the patients, eliminating the need of its inhabitants to go abroad in order for the treatment. With an objective to establish a Center of Excellence for treating kidney diseases in Pakistan, Shifa International Hospital started its Kidney Transplant program in 2001 and so far the team has performed more than 500 kidney transplant surgeries in both adult and pediatric patients at the facility. From its inception, the program adheres to ethical medical practices and guidelines on organ donation and transplantation.

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  • Our multidisciplinary team includes experts in Transplant Surgery & Urology, Nephrology, Transplant Immunology & Pathology, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Anesthesiology, Critical care, Infectious diseases, Radiology & Transplant Pharmacy, Transplant Immunology, and Urology. This interdisciplinary approach allows us to provide the best in patient care by taking advantage of the most innovative developments in surgical techniques and transplant medicine

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